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Pricing Plans

We provide three different price plans under the VPS web hosting services in Dubai. Prices for Plan 1, Plan 2 and Plan 3 vary depending upon the features that each of them provides you.

vps web hosting

Starting At $9.99

Basic Plan

Best plan for low to medium sized business .

vps web hosting

Starting At $29.99

Dynamic Plan

Best plan for medium to large sized business.

vps web hosting

Starting At $49.99

Ultimate Plan

Best plan for high traffic and large sized business.

Price Details

Here is the price listing of our plans for the customer to review.

  • Our Packages
  • No. of Websites 1
  • No. of Websites 2
  • Bandwidth 10 GB
  • Bandwidth 15 GB
  • Bandwidth 20 GB
  • Free email Included 10
  • Free email Included 15
  • Free email Included 20
  • Siteback Up Automatically
  • Control Panel Access Yes
  • FTP Access Yes
  • Disk Space 0 GB
  • Disk Space 1 GB
  • Disk Space 5 GB
  • Subdomain 0
  • Subdomain 1
  • Subdomain 2
  • Basic
  • Dynamic
  • Ultimate

Services Included

Regardless of the Dubai web hosting plan that you choose for VPS hosting, you can expect the following features that are common for all the three plans.

vweb hosting

All time Support

Our support team can be contacted any time of the day and we are available 24x7 and all days throughout the year.

vps web hosting

Effective support team:

Professionals on the team are well experienced and are individually chosen by us to work for us..

vps web hosting


The host server will be functional throughout the day and has 99.9% uptime. You have a 45 days guarantee period before you get back to us if you face any problem.

General FAQ

We are here to solve all the VPS hosting relating doubts.

These are a type of dedicated server hosting system where you can directly transfer your files onto the virtual system without having to work with the underlying hardware.

VPS has its own copy of OS and thus it helps us to install all the applications and files that can be availed for that OS.

Being a dedicated form of hosting, this server takes in the files pertaining to a particular virtualization. They can be easily created and configured.

VPS hosting is effective for use as a web server if the company is planning to carry out the task under particular software.

The VPS hosting service plans that we offer will have few differences when it comes to the features. The basic plan starts at VPS hosting Plan 1 and the advanced features can be found in VPS hosting Plan 3.