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Pricing Plans

Under the dedicated web hosting services in Dubai, you can choose from three different price plans that best fit your organization’s needs. Plan 1, Plan 2 and Plan 3 for Dubai web hosting are available at different prices and features accordingly.

dedicated web hosting dubai

Starting At $9.99

Basic Plan

Best plan for high quality personal usage.

Dedicated Web Hosting Dubai

Starting At $29.99

Dynamic Plan

Best plan for creating good quality localized network.

dedicated web hosting

Starting At $49.99

Ultimate Plan

Best plan for devising high performance intranet web.

Services Included

All the three plans that we have put forward to you have some common services apart from the features that they provide individually. The included services in these plans are,

Dubai web hosting

Effective management:

As we remain the sole owner of the hosting server, we take care of the management of the server while leaving the details about server maintenance to you.

Dubai web hosting

Affordable services:

Services under this UAE hosting system can be availed at a competitive pricing.

Best Web Hosting

Complete access:

After you get the server from us, you get to have complete control over all the features of the server.

General FAQ

All the doubts and queries about dedicated hosting are welcome here.

Under dedicated web hosting services in Dubai, we provide you with an individual server, and you have complete control over the actions being carried out.

We reserve the right to ownership for the server, and you will get complete access to controlling the features of the server.

After you get the server from us, the administrative and the maintenance portion of the server rests with you while the server remains to be our sole property.

Dedicated hosting can be classified into managed or unmanaged hosting services. Apart from this, we also provide three different dedicated hosting plans that suit your company.

One advantage to this hosting service is that, as the management of the server is done by us, you need to spend very little for its maintenance.